Project Description

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for Asparagus

Lifepack® breathable bags and liners for fresh produce preserves asparagus quality and freshness during prolonged storage and shipment by-

  • Retaining green, glossy tips
  • Preserving firmness and taste
  • Reducing dehydration and weight loss
  • Minimizing spear toughening and butt drying
  • Preventing decay
Lifepack® Added Value
  • Higher profitability due to less waste in the supply chain
  • Reduced logistic costs due to viability of sea and land transport over air freight
  • Market expansion enabled through prolonged cold storage
  • Permeability with temperature,
  • Increased gas diffusion by using micro perforations
  • Machinability
  • High printability,
  • Sealing integrity,
  • High clarity
Lifepack® Modified Atmosphere Packaging Solutions

Lifepack® Modified Atmosphere Bags inhibit pitting, which is a postharvest disorder seen in prolonged storage.

Lifepack® modified atmosphere bags inhibit the development of spoilage caused by the main postharvest pathogens botrytis cinerea (gray mold) and monilin fructicola (brown rot).

Lifepack® Modified Atmosphere Bags prevent water loss and wilting by maintaining a high humidity environment of 90-95% relative humidity.

Lifepack® modified atmosphere bags maintain the firmness of the product, which is essential for commercialization in international markets.

Lifepack® modified atmosphere bags inhibit post-harvest spoilage and physiological disorders.

Lifepack® modified atmosphere bags preserve the natural color of the product.

Asparagus Fresh Product Packaging
Asparagus Storage Life

28 days at 1-2 °C

Asparagus Shelf Life

4 days at 10 °C

Asparagus Fresh Product Packaging