What Is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is based on the alteration in the composition of gases around the certain commodity within the sealed package. Elevation in the CO2 level along the decreased O2 level in the package result in a decreased respiration rate of the stored fruits and vegetables and extension of the physiological life.

MAP packages discharges the released ethylene gas from the modified atmosphere, eliminating the possibility of decay, spoiling, ageing, and maturing. The MAP packages enrich the modified atmosphere by providing the optimum relative humidity, and completely prevents loss of weight. However, it never produces a waterlogged atmosphere that would cause microbial spoilage of fresh products.

The level of gases accumulated in the MAP package is produced by respiratory rate of the product, storage temperature, ratio of product weight to the semipermeable film area, and other several factors. The polymer engineers developing MAP packages have ensured MAP to be more competitive and successful in the fresh product market by enabling critical developments. The film has very unique characteristics.

Elevation in the CO2 level along the decreased O2


What Is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Lifepack® MA/MH Bags are manufactured from a semi-permeable film that can control gas exchange. The semipermeable character of the film is based on the activity of several intelligent molecules placed inside film. These molecules allowed O2 to enter the package at a rate offset by the consumption O2 by the commodity. Similarly, CO2 must be vented from the package to offset the production of CO2 by the commodity. Furthermore, this atmosphere must be established rapidly and without creating anoxic conditions or injuriously high levels of CO2. Lifepack® MA Bags vents the released ethylene gas from the modified atmosphere and thereby, eliminates the possibility of acceleration of repining then senescence and deterioration and decay. Lifepack® MA/MH Bags enriches the modified atmosphere with sufficient relative humidity and completely inhibits the weight loss. In contrast, it never creates a water-saturated atmosphere that will cause microbial spoilage of fresh produce.

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