Automotive Service Products Promask Masking Sheeting


It provides fast and easy coating and protection of large or small areas in all kinds of vehicle painting applications in vehicle maintenance and services.


  • Absorbs paint
  • Tear – resistant
  • Economical
  • Static properties simplify the masking process and gather dust.
  • Temperature – resistant up to 130 oC, masking can be applied by a single person.
  • Large size makes it possible to mask the vehicle in just a few minutes and decreases masking tape consumption.
  • Protects the vehicles from outside and takes just a small extra effort to protect the inside of the vehicle and the engine.
  • Protects all the parts, water and airproof and Leakagefree.
  • 4m x 150m / 4m x 250m / 1m x 1000m / 2m x 500m.

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